Tako Protocol has raised a $2 million Pre-Seed round from Mask Network, DWF Ventures, UOB Venture, Signum Capital, AC capital, SmrtiLab, HashBrown Research, RSS3 and other angel investors.

Tako Protocol aims to build an open social recommendation infrastructure protocol for Web3 social networks. Developers can leverage Tako to create dApps featuring recommendation algorithms, advertising systems, curation mechanisms, and referral economies more efficiently. 

This facilitates users in participating within decentralized social networks, enabling them to generate, share, discover & match value. Tako Protocol has fostered strategic collaborations with major Web3 social networks like Lens protocol and Farcaster. In the coming month, Tako will initiate product testing in partnership with each of these social networks.

About Tako

Tako Protocol is building an open social recommendation layer in Web3, an innovative layer that will play a key role in distributing recommended content across various protocols and ecosystems! Tako Protocol aims to enhance the sense of use for Web3 Social users, create a seamless interaction experience, and facilitate valuable content discovery.

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Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief