The Weeblings are a brother and sister duo, Aaron and Sara, who talks everything about stocks, crypto, personal finance, entrepreneurship and productivity on Tiktok and Instagram.

Not only do they help break down difficult concepts, but they also use their experience to help budding investors and entrepreneurs on their path to success.

Their sibling dynamic brought something fresh and relatable to the table, making finance more palatable for the average user. We reached out to them and talked more about crypto’s current state, their plans, and the road ahead.

Meet The Weeblings

Before the crypto bull run in 2020, many people focused their capital on high-growth stocks. Crypto, too many back then, was something not feasible as the future of finance. It showed from Bitcoin prices being in the 4-digit range and Ethereum being a fraction of its current-day valuation.

They started creating content on Tiktok to find like-minded people who spoke the same language and build a community around it. Their attempt to do so found them translating the steep learning curves into digestible bite-sized content, easy for everyone to comprehend.

Building a community is vital for the success of any web3 project. Decentralization, innovation, and web3 development are only possible through people. In hindsight, what started as a passion project became something which falls in line with the bedrock of web3, community building.

Their Journey to 1 Million


✨Awkward✨ intro but we gotta start somewhere!! 😬🤷🏻‍♀️

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Putting a goal like this out on social media naturally welcomes heavy scrutiny from the public. But I found myself in another camp, one rooting and supporting their cause from afar.

“Crypto investments are a huge part of our journey soon, so that’s why we talk extensively about it on our TikTok account.”

Their content covers

The good


@The Weeblings Hey friends, wanna keep things transparent as I bring you along this swing trade LIVE. If this turns to a loss you will know too 👍🏻

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The Bad

And The Technical


Want to share a small trade( 30% of my cash reserves on KuCoin). Good example of how I enter and exit. #technicalanalysis

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Bringing Generations Together

The younger generation prefers crypto to traditional equities.

Opening an account on a crypto exchange is much easier and buying crypto requires smaller upfront capital. To purchase 1 TSLA share, you’d have to have almost a thousand dollars, which many cannot afford. However, in crypto, you can start with essentially just $10, so it’s a much lower barrier to entry.

“Another reason we think that younger people enjoy investing/trading crypto is that it’s a much higher risk higher reward play than TradFi — and because we’re still young, we catch bigger risks.”

Apart from crypto, The Weeblings has consistently advocated for diversified investment strategies. They also have a chunk of our money outside of crypto — in stocks, ETFs, bonds, commodities and REITs.

That Tradeoffs With TradFi

Crypto is probably the most exciting investment vehicle due to the speed at which the markets move and the possible use cases.

The effects and benefits of crypto are so wide-ranging that there is truly something for everyone — regardless of background. Something is bound to happen every other day.

It’s never dull, even during a bear market.

With that pace comes instability; although crypto is where they made the most money, it is also where they lost the most. Thankfully, their other income streams help balance the risks in crypto and can be applied to volatile markets.

“We love doing both.”

The most significant benefit of crypto? Working with others to build instead of doing it all on your own.

Biggest mistakes in crypto

When they were younger, their biggest mistake did not understand the concept of “you will make mistakes, just try again”.

When the crypto markets crashed at the end of 2017, they withdrew from the space entirely before cautiously making a comeback in 2020.

“If we had stuck to our guns and continued investing and building in the space, things would probably be very different for us right now.”

Another mistake was investments in Terra, specifically putting more money than they should have in UST. Their overall investment portfolio was diversified, but they kept stables in $UST, assuming it was relatively risk-free.

From this experience, we all should learn nothing is ever truly safe in crypto and that we should always stick to our investment allocations — e.g. if the plan is to hold cash, we’re saving money.

Moving Forward With Confidence

Confidence in the price of many altcoins has been shaken recently, but the core of crypto and its technology will remain and become a dominant force.

Even Piyush Gupta, CEO of DBS, believes that blockchain will power the back office of the world in 5-10 years — sentiments they share.

But the case of a fully decentralized future will always be in question as the world naturally moves towards centralization. A truly decentralized crypto space may not be in the cards just yet.

The Next Wave Of Crypto Users

Most people look at this space for huge gains and do not understand the technology, including the Weeblings themselves.

There isn’t any good widespread crypto application available for mass adoption right now apart from making money from it.

“The only problem crypto is solving right in the eyes of main steam audiences is their depleted bank account”

They will be adopted when there is a promising technology with a few million dollars worth of backing. For example, we book a Grab or Gojek because of convenience, compared to hailing cabs manually.

Dealing with crypto’s volatility

Few of the top cryptos from the last cycle have stayed. Furthermore, the asset class closely tracks the NASDAQ but with more volatility.

Right now, when they look at crypto, they look for coins that have the potential to achieve high adoption, but they trade it like a triple-long S&P500 ETF with a 24/7 market.

Their Favorite Crypto Trading Tools

They have succeeded using various tools, mainly Fibonacci and moving averages.

But what they use behind the scenes is macro indicators, like our CPI, PMI, and, more recently, with the bear market, the breadth indicators, which are pretty good at helping time bottoms and tops.

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Look For Builders

On top of that, they are also looking out for projects that continue to build and maintain their path through the bear and bull markets.

“There are fewer low-quality projects during bear markets, so we must look out for them now.”

And more importantly, looking at the team and the founders, where they have a chance to meet with project heads, they do so to understand where they are coming from and what drives them in the space.

Advice For The Community

“Grind hard, don’t give up, and try everything you can while young. You’ll make mistakes; just try again.”

We’re not old enough to have been through it, but being young is the best time to attempt everything and anything. Start now.

[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief

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