Earlier this year, I visited an NFT café in Singapore. More specifically, it was themed around Wassies, a creature that continues to infest Crypto Twitter thanks to notorious figures such as Inversebrah.

You could imagine my surprise when I found out that the Wassies pooled together their resources and upgraded from a café to a hotel, all in spite of their 2-week lifespan!

Nouns DAO-themed room in Hotel byWassies

Located at 5 Hong Kong Street Singapore, Hotel bywassies is a 55-room hotel that will operate till September of this year.

The 6-story building will not only feature Wassie-themed rooms, but also curated collaborations with Punk6529, Pudgy Penguins, Arthur0x, and local funnyman Mark Lee’s Kong Collective to name a few.

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Emporium, the aforementioned café, is now situated at the first floor of Hotel byWassies, alongside a beautiful mural hand-drawn by fellow Wassie @gen0xNFT.

“Hotel byWassies is a smol Wassie step in bringing crypto culture into the real world, as we continue to look for ways to deploy the bywassies brand IP in all shapes and forms, creating opportunities to collaborate with Wassies in propagating the global Wassie infestation”

Not The First Wassie-tility

Hotel byWassies represents a bold venture into the real world for any Web3.0 project, possibly even more so for an NFT collective. But it didn’t all happen at once.

Members of their community have been contributing to building out an entire ecosystem for Wassies, both interpedently as well as the $420,000 in grants distributed to date.

Hotel byWassies is a prime example of using Real-World utility, with NFT holders getting a 20% discount on hotel stays, and a 69% discount on all coffee purchases at the café.

Image: Wassies by Wassies Floor via Coingecko

The floor price of Wassies shot up almost 30% overnight following the announcement, and currently trades for 0.41 $ETH, or approximately USD$700.

Other community-run initiatives like Wassie Coffee have also seen success, drawing interest from not just the NFT community, but the general public as well.

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Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief