This niche industry not only consists of opportunities to earn passively but one with lucrative salaries. In recent years, the demand for blockchain and crypto jobs has skyrocketed especially when it disrupts numerous industries, including medical care, logistics and the financial sector.

Just like how the internet brought about the revolution, we are witnessing a revolution with web3. With that, the landscape for crypto jobs is also changing at a rapid pace.

Although the demand for blockchain jobs is high, there may be a mismatch in individuals qualified and skilled for that role. In the world of demand and supply, the scarcity of proficient skills in blockchain will lead to a demand and supply crunch, paving extremely lucrative salaries.

Here we go through the top 5 most lucrative jobs n crypto and how you can equip yourself for it.

1. Crypto/Blockchain data analyst

Being a crypto data analyst, you look into a blockchain/protocol/market and find ways data can be used to solve problems or provide insights.

Being a data analyst will include handling queries. It may seem daunting from the get-go, but the thread below may ease you into understanding the basics of it.

Being open-sourced and a free for all platform, dune analytics provides a great place to start. Below is a thread on how Leo Ubbiali put together a Kickstarter guide on querying the Solana blockchain with SQL.

Based on Glassdoor’s crypto analyst list, the average salary for the role is $82,835/ year.

2. Blockchain developers

When it comes to crypto jobs, blockchain developers are likely to be the most widespread. This field of work is essential in establishing infrastructure, outlining security, creating code and more.

Experience with various programming languages may be essential, especially for knowledge in solidity, the home of implementing smart contracts.

Since it has not been around long, demand is far outpacing supply, making the role significantly lucrative. Earning about $108,715 a year is a likely opportunity.

If you are serious about being a developer, we compiled a list of blockchain developer resources for you to kickstart your journey.

3. Web3 Marketing

Another segment of web3 that determines a successful project is how well they do marketing. Web3 marketing is always about building a healthy community, the first touchpoint for non-crypto natives to become one.

Similar to marketing in web2, web3 marketing involves broadly three pillars, Content marketing, product marketing and community marketing.

Taking a role could range from $105,000-120,000 a year. Steps higher than web2.

Here is a thread on what you should take note of before embarking on this route. Sir Erudite broke down what building a healthy community looks like.

Going into the nitty gritty details, here are four marketing funnel metrics every web3 Project should measure. This includes what cost per acquisition (CPA), customer lifetime value (LTV), conversion rates and the conversion rate per channel.

Lastly, use the tools listed by Vineet Karhail on marketing resources for anyone wanting to start with web3 marketing needs.

Check out this article for an in-depth suite of web3 marketing guides.

4. Web3 UI/UX Design

This aspect of crypto is often overlooked, but it is essential in unlocking web3 mass adoption. UI/UX designers create user-friendly interfaces that enable users to understand how to use complex technical products.

As seen with the success of E-Commerce, big brands in the space were able to perfect UI/UX design elements to emphasize the functionality of digital marketplaces. Online retail sales are projected to cost $6.17T worldwide.

Especially with DeFi, where jargon may come as a steep learning curve for new users, UI/UX fills the missing piece in wider crypto adoption.

The cumbersome and confusing interface needs; users; users do not even need to know they are utilizing blockchain; it has to be seamless that way. UI/UX designers will fulfil the web3 prophecy.

5. Community Manager

The entire premise of Web3 derives back to its community. Every Project needs a community manager, but an apparent, evident shortage of quality supply of talented community managers who care about the projects and know what the responsibilities of a community manager are.

Most people think being a community manager is about just replying to messages in the discord server and making some announcements but it’s more than that.

As the community manager, you’re setting the tone for the Project, either a DAO, NFT Project, or a web3 startup.

You dictate the pace of the community, help debunk FUD, do some customer service, set the brand identity, and speak for the Project. This is a vast responsibility, and we feel being a community manager would be a High-income job soon. 

Here is the average salary for becoming a web3 community manager, not the highest paying within the definitely a role majority can go into without prior experience.

On top of becoming a community manager within web3, here is a TLDR version. A 6-step guide on how to be an excellent CM.

  1. Find your web3 niche and interest
  2. Set your vibe type
  3. Familiarize your essential community web3 tools
  4. Join DAOs and NFT Project discords
  5. If you’re new, perform some web3 task 
  6. Start applying for jobs

Closing thoughts

Web3 has many other opportunities, including product managers, content, and even sales and partnerships. While it offers lucrative offerings in salary, it boils down to how much the individual can have the skillsets required for each field, especially with the steeper learning curve needed to onboard in web3.

[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: ChainDebrief