Ten minutes daily is all you need to level up, and while the learning curve might be steep, it is exponential. We all have time, but not all have the discipline.

To help you take the first steps, here are some crypto coding resources to start your crypto coding journey as a developer or a fanatic.

Shoutout to @SaboCrypto for taking the time to collate all of these. Thought it would be something you guys might be interested in, check him out for more detailed threads.

1. The Ultimate Developer’s Roadmap by @oliverjumpertz

This ultimate developer roadmap guide brings you everything you need to know in smart contract development. The rise in crypto adoption over the last two years also saw the demand for smart contract developers rise.

Following this roadmap could potentially help you get your foot in the door. By learning Solidity and this development stack, you could become proficient on multiple blockchains at once. This ranges from Ethereum to Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and more.

Solidity is king.

I love how he covers the basics of this field with quality content in a step-by-step manner. Something to look out for in building general skills in the space.

2. Coding Resource Database by @luluxa96

This guide is more of a learn-as-you-go resource. Something you can capitalize on while waiting for your girlfriend who is late for dinner or when your boyfriend spends hours gaming.

If you are reading this, let me direct you to a 3-minute introduction on how to read smart contracts.

I loved how luluxa96 breaks things down into five major modules, each consisting of a good mixture of Twitter threads, Youtube Video tutorials and articles and interactive content which caters to your preference for audio or visual learning.

3. Essential Web3 resource with @pentcle

Now, Pentcle revolves around web3. I have to recommend formulating a basic understanding of coding before heading into the “Web3” university. This resource feels like the “Specialization” you want to take or the modules you want to “major” in for university.

However, everything still seems foreign to me. I never know how certain words could exist in the same sentence. But that is web3 I guess, sometimes things just don’t make sense.

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So in celebration of the lack of my web3 understanding, I’m throwing out a challenge. Anyone who can explain what is the meaning of Vyper and Prometheus in the most simplistic way and what it does on ChainDebrief’s telegram community chat, I will personally send you 5USDT.

Entries have to include the hashtag #WordsInWeb3 and I will choose one winner.

Pentcle stands out because as they provide essential web3 resources, covering different languages in the most concise manner.

4. The ultimate web3 resources

Nader’s resources by @dabit3

This resource is my personal favorite. They curate the best quality modules for you to learn from.

The kicker? It’s all free!

“a16z crypto resources” @Adulong

Airtable is all things crypto and developer related. They include developer tutorials so you will be able to put what you learn into practice.

They have over 155 topics, so take the time to skim through them.

5. Blockchain development guide

This is a public blockchain development guide aimed at becoming the go-to learning resource aggregator for building on Ethereum and its wider ecosystem of scaling solutions and applications.

It comes also comes with opinionated commentary on how to approach different topics and how to use them in order to maximize learning and practical understanding in order to get building cool things in the space.

Its focus is on the Ethereum ecosystem where most developers and applications are. If you are interested in other ecosystems that are non-EVM compatible and are not L2s on Ethereum, then check out their respective documentation or guides written by their developer communities. This is for EVMs initiatives like Neon EVM (Solana), Moonbeam/Moonriver (Polkadot/Kusama), EVMOS (Cosmos), etc.

Closing thoughts

Don’t rush this learning. Instead, approach it as a long-term investment. The guides present you with a path to take where you will learn all the basics including some advanced concepts. We have collated all the resources, and now it’s time for you to take action.

Getting this right might just land you a 150K a year job, or maybe a start to something new. Especially when the demand for developers is high, having the fundamental basics is something you can do to stand out among your peers.

But it will not come easy.

All things successful start with discipline. Everyone has the same amount of them (arguable) but not everyone has the discipline to see through it till the very end.

[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief

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