If you want to make it, you have to be on crypto twitter (CT).

But just diving in can leave many new users stranded and following the wrong accounts. After all, twitter “influencers” often post misleading, attention-grabbing information.

With that said, there is still a plethora of users out there that offer a wealth of information. Even within the information age, crypto twitter allows you to learn at any pace, to any degree, just by following the right people.

So let’s take a look at the top 5 threads you need to start this journey.

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1. Crystal Ball Cobie

What if you could predict the future?

Cobie, a twitter personality who also hosts the DownBadly UpOnlyTV podcast with ledger, did just that.

If you are wondering what comes next in the bear market, or why most alts are trending to zero, this thread is an amazing read. In an ocean of echo-chambers, Cobie managed to highlight a realistic ending to the cycle and show us all how to think critically.

He also has a Substack which, while roughly formatted, offers invaluable insights.

Some of my favorites include:

2. Flash Loans??? Sandwich Bots???

By now, most people would understand DeFi to a reasonable degree. Things like sandwich bots, baiting, and flash loans may also be familiar to those who have ventured just a bit deeper.

But MEV (Miner Extracted Value) is a deep, deep rabbithole.

While sandwich attacks are commonly known, few understand their implications and the effects they cause in crypto. @Bertcmiller, product lead at flashbots, has a few threads that dig into this.

My favorite covers just-in-time liquidity, where user deposit liquidity right before transactions to siphon fees. While his threads are more on the technical side, they do a great job of explaining what, how ,and who MEV has an impact on.

Some of his other notable threads include:


Whether you are a noob, casual user, or feel totally in touch with the crypto space, there is still more to learn.

@NoSleepJon curates extremely valuable reading lists for anything Web3 related – all for free.

These range from substacks on decision making to posts on UI/UX for crypto protocols. The closest thing to a library crypto has, his nosleep reading lists will be beneficial no matter which stage you are currently at.

Some of my favorites from here include:

4. Your First $100M

Derivatives Monke was, for better or worse, one of my first few follows on CT.

Since then, I have copy traded, laughed at, and more often than not, appreciated his posts. While his insights are often swamped by plenty of meme posting, here he breaks down how to go from $1k to $100M.

In what has become a legendary thread, it provides a block for many crypto users to build their fundamentals with.

While some advice may be slightly outdated, most of it is timeless. Even airdrop hunting, which is heavily botted these days, can still be profitable if done right.

Some of his other notable threads include:

5. How To Not Get Liquidated

There are an infinite number of traders on CT.

However, they simply post their PnL and offer a 0.1 BTC paid group, hardly ever giving advice for budding scalpers.

Salsa defies this, not only by lacking a donation button, but also by giving valuable insights and questioning other’s thought processes.

He is also very transparent when down bad, which many “traders” lack.

Here, he condenses years of experience and information into one thread, which aspiring traders can learn from. He speaks on bias, Risk/Reward, and edge, even borrowing from other notable traders.

Honorable Mention

If you have spent any time on CT, you know Hsaka by now.

While his tweets are often too complex for me, they usually have a strong, underlying lesson.

As a thought leader, he holds massive influence in the space, on par with some of the giants. He also champions critical thinking, all while giving you new movies to watch.

Despite not being a threador, keeping up with the wolf is important for any CT participant.

Remember when his coins would get max bid on whenever he posted the Dalai Lama? Good times.

Closing Thoughts

I love CT for its open and wholesome culture.

While toxic people exist in every space, most are here to learn and improve on themselves. Personally, I’ve found many friends there.

Each and every one of them has been nothing but helpful, and some even crafted profile pictures for me or dove through Etherscan when I thought I had been hacked.

While “your network is your net worth” has been quoted to death, it truly is a wonderful world where you can tag an MEV expert and they are willing to explain it to you in simple terms.

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

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