Hey Chain Debrief Community,

I hope you have been keeping up with the Avalanche summit! 

I have been watching the summit and I feel that it is packed with valuable information for all levels of users from sought after alphas to beginner-friendly materials. 

If you are too busy to catch the live stream, fret not as we have covered some important topics from the summit. 

Apart from that, things are looking good this week. Almost all the coins and tokens see some decent gains. 

Is this a sign of the impending bull market? So a big question awaits all of you: Are you well-positioned for the bull market? 

And if you missed the announcements, we will be holding monthly AMA sessions with our founders. They will update what’s going on in Chain Debrief. 

— Gab from Chain Debrief 

Here are the market sentiments this week:

Image Credit: Chain Debrief

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๐Ÿ† Chain Debrief 1000 IDO Whitelist Tournament

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๐Ÿ“ฃTo celebrate the strategic partnership between Poriverse and Chain Debrief, we’ll be giving away 30 IDO Whitelist spots for their 1000 IDO WHITELIST Tournament event!

๐Ÿ•Time 06:00 PM UTC+7 Mar 23 to 11:59 PM March 30, 2022
๐Ÿ“Rules: Complete all tasks and you will have a chance to win 30 slots IDO Whitelist.

Take me to the tournament!

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