Jeffrey Huang, a.k.a “Machi Big Brother”, was a Taiwanese-American Singer turned entrepreneur.

He rose to fame within the NFT space after becoming one of the largest BAYC and MAYC holders.

Earlier this year, twitter personality and crypto sleuth @ZachXBT published a medium article, pointing out that Huang had engaged in multiple pump-and-dump schemes.

In it, he pointed out 10 projects that Huang had founded, or was associated with. This included Typhoon Cash, Swag Finance, and Cream Finance.

Huang was also involved in the fall of Formosa Financial, from which he embezzled 22,000 ETH in 2018.

What’s Next For Huang?

The disgraced entrepreneur dropped from the second to third in MAYC holdings overnight, as reported by OkLink.

The wallet tied to him currently contains 52 BAYCs, 87 MAYCs, 218 Otherdeeds , and various other collections.

Huang also held a twitter spaces, where he states that he no longer holds any Apecoin. This comes as a response to what he feels are poor governance systems within the APE ecosystem.

He claims that he sold his MAYCs as he was not interested in staking for $APE, but wants to still keep all his BAYCs.

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