Without a doubt, Luna was one of the biggest winners of 2021, going from being one of the most underrated layer 1 blockchain tokens to one of the top ten tokens based on market cap.

The Terra ecosystem is now flourishing with a multitude of projects ranging from the famed Anchor protocol to synthetic assets trading platform, Mirror protocol.

Random Earth is one of the most popular NFT marketplace on the Terra ecosystem. It holds a large collection of NFTS and it is particularly known for hosting one of the most popular NFT, Galactic Punks.

Projects featured are all Terra blue-chip NFTs with high market cap and are listed in no particular order.

Here are the top five NFT plays on Terra:

1. Galactic Punks

Galactic Punks Terra NFT
Image Credit: Galactic Punks

Galactic Punks was released on October 2021 and it is by far one of the most established projects within the Terra ecosystem.

There are only a total of 10,921 randomly generated punks. Traits are ranked from common (the lowest rank) to Intergalactic (the highest rank).

There are a total of seven categories of traits. The categories are glasses, hair, headgear, backgrounds, species, suits and features & accessories.

At the time of writing, the current floor price is 38 $LUNA (About US$2900). Punks with rarer traits can go up to over US$50,000.

Moving forward, there are some exciting updates to the Galactic Punks ecosystem from new NFT airdrop to NFTerra Hackathon that will help promote activity on Terra blockchain.

The most anticipated update is still the release of the GalacticDAO. Galactic Punks holders would be able to govern the Galactic treasury and shape the future of the project.

2. LunaBulls

LUNA Bulls Terra NFT
Image Credit: Random Earth

Launched on October 21, LunaBulls are a limited supply of 10,069 unique bulls. Out of the 10,069 total bulls, 9,999 of the bulls are randomly generated.

The bull can be categorised into common, rare, and super rare based on the rarity weight number. LunaBulls with a low number is considered rarer than a bull with a high number.

The rest of the bulls are custom unique LunaBullls made for Angel Protocol, Community Leaders and Terra Protocols.

Like most popular NFT launches, there was a slight hiccup during launch day. There were about 14,000 whitelisted addresses ready to mint the maximum amount of five bulls per transaction. But the issue is, there are only 8,000 Bulls available left to mint.

Many of the whitelisted addresses were not able to mint any bull. This created a lot of frustration within the community as many users had to put in effort and “work” to get whitelisted.

LunaBulls Stampede
Image Credit: LunaBulls

The Stampede update brought about a new feature called the rupture. It will enable LunaBull holders to upgrade their NFT from 2D into 3D with the use of Tesseract.

The update would also include Bulls Den. It is the new interface for BullDAO, the governance system for LunaBulls. BullDAO would allow LunaBulls holders to decide on how to use the war chest and also exclusive access to events and launches.

3. TerraWhales

Terra Whales Terra NFT
Image Credit: Terra Whales

Terra Whales is a collection of 1,000 uniquely hand-crafted whales. The whales are not randomly generated and each design is well thought out from the trait design to the colour palette.

One thing that set the whales apart from other NFTs is that the whales can be viewed in augmented and virtual reality. This feature allows it to easily integrate into the metaverse.

Like many popular NFTs, holding a whale allow the owner exclusive access to the community DAO. Other than the ability to vote on proposals and shape the future of the project, whale holders also get access to the whale report. The report holds exclusive information on the Terra ecosystem and other areas of opportunity.

Terra Whales NFT
Image Credit: Terra Whales

The merch store is already up and running. Whale holders get a whopping 50% discount in the store.

Soon the genesis whales will be able to breed and produce baby whales. But here is the catch, breeding is dependent on two factors: the whale traits and how the owner take care of the whales. The team would release more details closer to the breeding date,

4. Wagmimonkeez

Image Credit: wagmimonkeez

Wagmimonkeez prides itself as the first monkey collection on the Terra ecosystem. It is a collection of 500 randomly generated NFTs.

No two monkeys will ever look the same as there are over 200 unique attributes across 10 different categories. The categories range from costumes to backgrounds.

Image Credit: wagmikongz

Both Wagmimonkeez and Wagmikongz belongs to the same project. Wagmimonkeez’s holders are able to participate in the private sale for Wagmikongz.

Holding a monkey will earn you a spot on the WAGMI DAO’s table. The DAO promotes the WAGMI spirit and aims to be the top alpha sharing community on the Terra ecosystem. The merch store is already up and running with over 120 items to choose from.

The team is working on the next generation of monkeys called the Nasty Baby Apes. All the monkeys and kong will be able to breed the highly anticipated Nasty Baby Apes.

5. Poppin Puffins

Poppin Puffins NFT
Image Credit: Poppin Puffins

Ending the list with Poppin Puffins, a Terra-based NFT that contribute to a social cause. Released on November 2021, Poppin Puffins is a collection of 9,873 uniquely randomly generated NFT.

Part of Poppin Puffins core values is to contribute to puffin conservation 2.5% of all sales and royalties will be channelled into Audubon Project Puffin. The project aims to promote seabird conservation worldwide.

Image Credit: Random Earth

Out of all the NFT listed in this article, Poppin Puffins currently have the lowest floor price of 0.9 $LUNA. Owning a puffin also allow access to the Puffin Colony’s DAO. The DAO makes important decisions like what to do with the treasury and also votes on key proposals.

There are many community events and contest giveaways in the works. One notable giveaway is a paid vacation to Iceland for two.

Furthermore, the roadmap includes an in-person Iceland Meet-up Party. There are much more events planned for 2022 to give back to its loyal community.

How to buy NFTs on RandomEarth

Image Credit: RandomEarth

RandomEarth is one of the first and largest secondary market for Terra NFTs. It holds a large collection of the most popular NFTs on the Terra blockchain. It allows users to buy and sell NFTs seamlessly.

To buy or sell on the marketplace, users must first connect their wallet to the website. Prices of NFT are all listed in LUNA.

Image Credit: RandomEarth

After selecting the NFT, users will be presented with two options: “Buy Now” or “Make Offer”. A popup would appear after clicking the “Buy” button.

Image Credit: Random Earth

User would have to check the “I agree to Random Earth’s Term of Service” option and click “Accept offer”.

The last step is to post the transaction into the Terra blockchain. After the transaction is confirmed, the NFT will appear in the user’s wallet.

Featured Image Credit: Galactic Punks / Luna Bulls / Wagmimonkeez

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